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Q-1000 Laser Light Applicator

Price: $3,800.00
Model Number: LS2IQ1000

Q 1000 Laser Light Applicator

Finally! High quality portable lasers. The Q1000 laser is small enough to carry anywhere, powerful enough to use for hundreds of conditions and affordable enough that no home should be without one!

FACT: The Q100 and Q1000 laser's patent-pending process computerizes each unit's frequency and power density output, effectively "piggy backing" the beneficial effects of the visible light onto the penetrating effects of the invisible light. This feature is unique to the Q100 and Q1000 lasers!

The Q1000 is the most sophisticated, advanced, effective and affordable low level laser of its kind ever made for the mass market.

The Q1000 Resonating, Multi-Frequency Laser has even more emitter lights & lasers than the Q100!
Plus, the Q1000 has detachable probes for more advanced treatments.

This is the #1 low level laser product available today!

Benefits and features include:
Patented computer-controlled frequency and output;
Programmable for any range of frequency desired;
Small size is convienent and completely portable;
Pre-programmed with three unique Modes to handle nearly every treatment requirement;
PLUS, the Q1000 offers four additional modes that can be custom programmed to meet your specific needs!

With a retail price that is far below any similar product, the Q1000 should be your #1 choice in low level lasers!

More benefits and features include; The Q1000 has a total of twenty diodes clustered in an ultra portable hand-held unit.
This laser is used for acute or chronic pain and inflammatory conditions, much like the Q100 laser, but it has several additional capabilities, and it features a range of frequencies from 1 to 20,000 Hertz.
The Q1000 is computerized and can be reprogrammed at the factory to produce frequencies and power densities that are shown to be beneficial.
Powered by 7.2V intelligent Lithium-Ion batteries, the Q1000 laser delivers multiple wavelengths, power settings and time intervals via up to seven different modes.
The Q1000 has more than twice the number of lights and lasers and a much broader energy range than the Q100.
The Q1000 laser is able to harmonize a wider range of animal disorders.
The Q1000 resonating laser is a multi-frequency laser that is sometimes referred to as a dental laser or equine laser (equine equipment) and is quickly approaching becoming the fastest growing segment in the field of alternative medicine.
The Q1000 is the most useful and effective low level laser ever offered on the market, and at an affordable price.
Priced at $3795.00
The Q1000 Laser is registered with the FDA as a Class I laser device based on research by Underwriters Laboratories (UL). Class I laser devices present minimal potential for harm to the user, and are generally classified by the FDA as NSR (non-significant risk) devices.

Some people find it hard to understand that light is living energy. When questioned, the president of the company that manufactures these said:

Dear Mr. (Name withheld);
Your comment was brought to my attention. I invite you to attend one of my Healing Light Seminars and learn about subtle energy, the basics of light, low level laser physics and the safety of low level lasers. You will learn that “powerful” is not the key to delivering electrons back into body tissue and you will also learn that light in fact can be programmed to produce many different beneficial frequencies from 1 to 20,000 hertz and even above. Of course, regardless of degrees, profession or education, everyone is entitled to their opinion, but as the developer of the Q1000, I can assure you we are truthful.

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Please direct any questions to 305-933-4219.


Kimberly Klepatz says...
I added the Q1000 to my wellness practice, and have had countless numbers of clients quit smoking, lose weight, reduce stress, and minimize pain. I am very pleased to have this addition to help people achieve their goals and feel overall wellness.