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Oxygen America Steam Sauna Package

Price: $1,399.00
Model Number: OSPOPS

Oxygen America Steam Sauna Package

Our Portable Ozone Steam Sauna is easy to use, therapeutic and a great choice for ozonated steam therapy at home.

This package includes one of the best ozone generators on the market, our very own Oxygen America OAZ-400, portable steam sauna, steam generator, and all hoses to connect.

O2 concentrator sold separately. Please click here for more info.

Reg. price 1499.00 on sale now for 1299.00.

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Please direct any questions to 305-933-4219.

jesus acosta says...
i want to know more details about the ozone steam sauna cabinets and tents, and also what it is include in this pakage. thank you.[Please call 305-933-4219 This area for reviews only.]