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Purifier-House 2500R

Price: $430.00
Model Number: OPAS2500R
This model "R" is the residential model - it has a level control in the back.
We have heavy duty ozone generators for sanitizing and purifying the air in large offices and commercial buildings.We have three large models to choose from. Two (one with timer, one without) can each do up to 2500 sq. feet of space,and one does up to 5000 sq. ft of space. These air purifier units are great for the big jobs.
Warranty by Aqua Sun.
Includes shipping.

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Note: This section is for reviewing purchased products only.
Please direct any questions to 305-933-4219.

Allen Young says...
Where is the review? [This review section is for you and others to write a review after trying the product. This is a single tube UV unit for 775 square foot area. The praises of ozone are prolific and too lengthy to go into here. UV units are simple to maintain, and if the tubes are kept clean by wiping clean every few months, will outlast a CD unit.]

david mirabile says...
I am interested in obtaining an air purifier, looking into yours to possibly buy [Call us at 305-933-4219]

Dennis says...
Why can't these things be designed to look good on [See the modernized devices in the other Ozone and Auto/Truck categories, and watch this category in the near future.]

Denise Treesh says...
When I opened the front door to my new home it smelled like dog do-do. I was so outraged. I couldn't go near the basement door off my kitchen because the smell was so bad. Of course I could smell it through the heat and air vents of the house. I was so angry. Nothing we did worked. I guess a dog had been locked up in the basement from the previous owner. Anyway, after a year in what seemed to be a germ filled house, I bought this machine and within a week the smell was gong. It has never come back. Also, I use a CPap machine with a humidifier - where you put in the water would turn orange! The hose and rubber seals turned orange and it would be orange at the bottom after the water need to be refilled. Something bad had to be floating around in my house. Anyway, it is gone and it no longer is a residue in the bottom of the water container. I think that took a few months before the residue was no longer orange. I highly recommend this machine. I've had it for a little over a year now.