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Ozone Purifier-Commercial 5000

Price: $760.00
Model Number: OPAS5000
Ozone Cleans And Purifies Inside Air
Advanced ‘State-of-the-Art’ Air Purification System To Eliminate and Control Indoor Air Pollution Ideal For All Commercial Applications
The Sanitizer uses U. V. generation, EPA/ Osha approved, one hour timer, operates on pennies a day, cost effective, portable and made in the U. S. A.
Will destroy not just cover up odor, smoke, mold, mildew, fungus, bacteria, dust mites, urine/feces and hydrocarbons The Sanitizer is designed for that large job in Hotels/Motels, print shops, bars, photo labs, police departments, food storage, nursing homes, mortuaries, property management, pet shops, dentist and doctors office. Price $795.00 / Plus Shipping & Handling

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Please direct any questions to 305-933-4219.

tony says...
how dose this machine produce the ozone it makes? [UV tube] how long does it last before breakdown? [Ozone subspecies have been found in decreasing amounts for 24 hours after any machine is off, but generally the effect lasts about an hour.] Does it make negative ion ozone? positive ion ozone? [All ozone is electro-negatively charged. In the real world there is no concern over these two questions or difference in actual practical results.]

Crystal says...
Approximately what size room (square feet) would this cover? [Please call 305-933-4219, thanks.]