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Aqua Sun Nature-Kleen

Price: $287.95
Model Number: OWASNK
Nature-Kleen - Is a revolutionary new appliance with multi purpose applications. It works by producing ozone out of room air at a purity level useful for inexpensive sterilizing and ozonating of water and you can then wash your meats and vegetables with ozonated and sterilized water for safety. Nature-Kleen,1s a low cost safe portable energy efficient water purification system. This system neutralizes toxic chemicals and anaerobic disease causing bacteria and virus by bubbling sterilizing ozone into water.
Nature-Kleen - produces Tri-Atomic oxygen, when combined with water releases oxygen to clean and kill bacteria and virus in the water by oxidation.
Nature-Kleen Breaks down residual traces of toxic agriculture chemicals and pathogens on fruits and vegetables. Kills bacteria on meat, fish and poultry.
Enhances the taste of all food products & prolongs their shelf life with natural active oxygen. 400 mgh O3.

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Please direct any questions to 305-933-4219.

Gary Horsfield says...
I AM IN WESTERN AUSTRALIA, HOW MUCH WILL IT COST TO SEND OZONE WATER PURIFIER HERE, THANKING YOU GARY. Questions like this are best answered by calling 305-93-4219 or contacting us by email.]

ricardo eggert says...
There is nothing noted about the output capacity (mg/L), type of ozone production(such as infrared) or how it works.

Michael Czajka says...
Also need to know what voltages it runs at? AC or DC? Power pack? Can we use it in Australia at 240V or do we need a transformer? A specification sheet would probably answer all these questions. :-)

Avram says...
Have not tried it yet. I want to know how does it compare to water with labels stating 'reverse osmosis'? [Ozone is more thorough. Please call 305-933-4219 This area for reviews only.]