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Three Lac Yeast Fighter

Price: $48.50
Model Number: CMGHTTL

ThreeLac supercharged intestinal flora supplement

Teeming with naturally occurring live aerobic bacteria. Your intestine needs aerobes like these to help itself overcome and help rid the body of resilient anaerobic YEAST organisms.

The secret behind ThreeLac is the micro-encapsulation process that helps gets the anaerobe-fighting live bacteria safely past the acidic environment in the stomach and into the intestine. Your body is supposed to be normally cultivating these oxygen-loving bacteria, but if oxygen levels are low, the YEAST anaerobes may take over. The body always sets naturally occurring oxygen-friendly bacteria to work "dining" on extra anaerobic problem organisms that your body does not need. It's a numbers game if there is more yeast than aerobes, the YEAST can thrive. If you help the body cultivate lots more aerobes than yeast - how can the yeast survive?

We all know how important maintaining an alkaline pH in the body is!

An added benefit is that the body uses its aerobic bacteria in the intestine to help balance and alkalinize the body's pH.

ThreeLac supplements the friendly aerobic micro-organisms that love a rich oxygen environment, so the more oxygen you supplement, the faster they may grow.

With 60 ThreeLac packets in each box at $46.95, one order is a two-month supply. This makes ThreeLac a perfect family product - affordable AND SUITABLE for ALL family members.
Remember, if only one person in the family has YEAST - the results of faulty intestinal flora and fauna - then the entire family may also have similar challenges, or may be at risk.

Over $53 million in product sales were achieved in 2001 in Japan - home of the labs that created this very popular product.

Suggested Use:
Take one packet daily with any meal. For stubborn or elevated imbalances, the body best uses two packets daily for 30 days. Empty packet contents into mouth and let ThreeLac dissolve. Immediately drink a small amount (4-6 oz.) of water. To avoid constipation that can occur in some, it is recommended that a fiber product be taken during the first few days while ThreeLac is helping the body. Drink plenty of water, and supplement with oxygen.

What are the usual symptoms of a anaerobe infestation? Typical symptoms may include jock itch, depression, dry, itchy, flaky skin, anxiety, recurring irritability or mood swings, heartburn, indigestion, lethargy, food and environmental allergies, joint soreness, chest pain, acne or other skin problems, migraine headaches, recurring cystitis/vaginal infections, premenstrual tension, and menstrual problems. We make no inference that this product will treat any of these imbalances. We only provide this information as a public health service. Only the body can heal itself and only when given the proper raw materials.

You can try this simple 'spit' test yourself to see if you may have YEAST or a balanced intestinal flora: First thing in the morning, before you put ANYTHING in your mouth, get a clear glass. Fill with water and work up a bit of saliva, then spit it into the glass of water. Check the water every 15 minutes or so for up to one hour. If you have an imbalance like anaerobic YEAST you will see strings (like legs) traveling down into the water from the saliva floating on the top, or cloudy saliva will sink to the bottom of the glass, or cloudy specks will seem to be suspended in the water. If there are no strings and the saliva is still floating after at least one hour, you probably have balanced intestinal flora.

The body uses the natural anaerobes in THREELAC to nutritionally supplement its need to maintain good bowel flora and proper pH.

Manufacturers are always required to say that individual results may vary because they do.

The normal retail is $49.95 per 2 month supply box of 60 packets, but you can become a GHT member and from then on buy at member prices! Go to

Check it for yourself and try the 'spit' test!

Shipping $5.95

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marisa F.da Silva says...
hi, i am very intresting about your prducts mainly threelac yeast i would like to know if it's vegan please thank you. [YES! and you can call 305-933-4219]

Denise Mack says...
I am interested in your products. Please send me your mailing address, since I am from South America and I do not have a credit card to order on line. I intend to order through a bank draft. Thanks Denise [ Oxygen America, 19640 West Dixie Hwy B213, Miami, Florida, 33180. 305-933-4219 ]