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UAR Ultimat Anti Wrinkle

Price: $25.00
Model Number: OCAIUAR

UAR - Ultimate Anti Wrinkle

Ozonated JoJoba Oil plus CoQ10 & Vitamin E

UAR is formulated for those who are looking for natural product that takes care of facial skin, neck, and wrinkles. UAR has all the properties of Ozonated Jojoba oil or skin salve. In addition, CoQ10 along with Vitamin E rejuvenate the cellular level.

(Julia Busch- president of anti aging press on the review of Oxy-Skin Salve indicates it rapidly travels down the hair follicle and into the pores to deeply moisturize, coating cell membranes. It inhibits moisture loss without leaving an oily residue. Dry, damaged, mature skin awakens radiant and dewy. Moreover, the balm is so light, it causes under eyes to sing!)

For getting more benefit out of UAR, one needs to apply it on cleaned skin before make up or before going to bed.

UAR comes in one ounce glass Jars. 1 oz jar

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Allen Young says...
I won't buy this or any product without seeing a review and you are refusing to show me any review. [No refusal involved. Actually, no user has written one yet. We don't make up reviews no matter how mad you get. This Reviews area is customer driven.]

Evan Comella says...
I have been using the Ultimate Anti Wrinkle product for over six months. I apply it to my face before I run each day. My skin is supple, less wrinkled, and has a translucent quality now. I am over 50, but using this product makes my skin look much younger. I intend to use this product for the rest of my life.

Andreea says...
I have been using the Ultimate Anti Wrinkle for over a skin looks youthful and energized...I am 28 years old with a active lifestyle...maintaing my skin at a young age with this product has reversed many of the sun damaged wrinkles I had on my forehead and corners of my mouth...You'll love the way it feel and makes you look! Andreea A. Naples, FL