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MOSS Mega Oxy Skin Salve

Price: $25.00
Model Number: MOSS

Mega Oxy Skin Salve

Ozonated Jojoba Oil
Jojoba (ho-ho-ba) oil is a naturally liquid wax ester that resembles of sperm whale oil and skin sebum. Jojoba is used at low percentage in cosmetic for fine skin care, cleanser, and nourishment.

The salve is a semi solid cream that is structured from Jojoba oil and tri-oxygen atom. Moss is a super skin food, dissolves hardened sebum, and travels down the skin pores, oxygen penetrates into cellular level from that detoxification, and revitalization takes place.

Moss can be used for following conditions.
Eczema ~ Herpes infections ~ Bedsores Soften or eliminate scars apply three or four times a day
Facial cleanser. Bruises, rashes, chaffing, sunburn massage 3 times daily rub well to hand and skin.

For deep cleansing, conditioning, hair loss, and scalp. Moss comes in one-ounce glass jar.

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