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Oxy Special 4 Package Lac Buy

Price: $132.00
Model Number: SOPFOA1

OxySpecial Package

OxyLift / OxyFlush / OxyEarth / ThreeLac
4 Combo Oxy Special!

Try all 4 supplements at once for 30 days, and SAVE $15.00 off the normal price of $138.99!

Mr. Oxygen,R. Ed McCabe teaches us our bodies all need the Seven Crown Jewels of HealthTM daily, and the lack of any one of them means the body does not have what it needs, because these things are the most basic necessities to life.

Most people go through life short on most of these necessities. They endlessly go from product to product seeking everything except the basic missing ingredients to correct their deficiencies. This Oxy Special 4 product combo package is designed to supply all six of the supplementable Seven Crown Jewels of HealthTM. (The seventh, the Spiritual and Moral Balance Crown Jewel, is always your own personal responsibility.)

Mr. OxygenR. Seven Crown Jewels of HealthTM:

Lots of Oxygen
Lots of Plant Minerals
Plenty of Water
Abundant Enzymes
Colon Health
Energy, Sunlight, Natural Light & Sound
An Emotional, Moral, & Spiritual Balance

Each Oxy Special Combo package contains:
OxyLift: Oxygen, Ionic Minerals, Enzymes, Colon, Structured Water, Subtle Energy
OxyFlush: Oxygen/Ozone, Colon Flush
OxyEarth: Minerals, MSM, & Vitamin C
Three Lac: Colon Flora

(And since you have to drink water to take these supplements, your water intake increases!)

See each product's individual page on this site for a full description.

The sum of these supplements working together is greater than each one alone. The beauty of these supplements is that you can take them all on the same day. But keep in mind, oxygenators (OxyLift & OxyFlush) are always best taken separately from everything else during the day because we want oxygenators only reacting with the body, not each other. So, take different oxygenators like OxyLift and OxyFlush at different times. It is therefore best that each Oxygenator be taken alone and at least 15-30 minutes away from everything else and between meals. ThreeLac & OxyEarth can be taken together and with meals.

Approximate 30 day supply - depending upon the serving sizes you choose. These supplements are powerful, and we suggest starting fewer and smaller than the label directions and gradually building up your servings and their sizes to allow your body to slowly get used to them. Listen to your intuition, & give them weeks to work.

Test it for yourself in your own body! See if you feel what a difference your life will be after a month of taking each of these nutrients consistently every day.

Starting with just a bit of each, take some of all four every day for four weeks in gradually increasing serving sizes without fail. Then look back at where you started and compare!

Find out for yourself in your own body what the oxy-buzz is all about!

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