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AlkaLife pH Assist

Price: $29.99
$29.99 ea
Model Number: AlkaLife


Perfect compliment to any oxygenation regime. The more alkaline you are, the more oxygen your fluids can hold and keep. Oxygen also buffers/oxidizes metabolic waste acids helping keep you more alkaline, and Alkalife supplies even more buffering / waste neutralization.
Assists the body in maintaining proper pH.

AlkaLife's patented ingredients are: Ionized water, Potassium and Sodium Minerals in Hydroxide form (in a proper and healthy ratio of the two minerals).

AlkaLife® comes in a 1.2 oz bottle and lasts approximately 2 months when consumed 10 drops a day.

A note of caution: There are imitations of AlkaLife®. Unless these products are infringing the patent, their mineral contents may cause side effects if consumed on a long-term basis. Not all the additives used to increase the pH value of drinking water are the same; please make sure you have the original AlkaLife®.

Start using AlkaLife® slowly, gradually building up your daily usage to 10 drops a day.

29.99 ea. Plus shipping & handling

Science and Health Series Article 23 - Oxygen and Alkaline Water

By Sang Whang

As everyone knows, water is H2O, two hydrogen atoms for each oxygen atom. Neutral water has an equal number of OH- ions (hydroxyl ions) and H+ ions (hydrogen ions), maintaining the 2 to 1 ratio of hydrogen and oxygen atoms. Alkaline water is water with more OH- ions than H+ ions. This water has more oxygen atoms compared to the 2 to 1 ratio of hydrogen to oxygen atom of regular water.

For this reason, alkaline water is considered water with more oxygen; however, adding more oxygen (O2) to the water does not make the water alkaline. Neither adding hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) makes the water alkaline. They may make the water oxygen rich, but not alkaline; that is, the pH value of the water does not increase.

The following actual event in the mountains of Colorado can explain the difference between the two different types of oxygen rich water.

Mr. Chris Litsey of Breckenridge, Colorado routinely treats high altitude sickness patients who walk into his therapy center. One day an elderly lady went into his office and complained that she felt like she was experiencing morning sickness. Mr. Litsey remembered reading that alkaline water relieved morning sickness in the book Reverse Aging. So, he tried alkaline water on her, and, to his amazement, the lady felt better after a while.

Since then, Mr. Litsey conducted many tests to come up with an optimum therapy for high altitude symptoms. He gave oxygen masks to one group and alkaline water to another group. The people with oxygen masks felt better almost instantly; however, when the masks were removed, the symptoms came back. The people with alkaline water took 15 to 20 minutes to feel better, but they remained better for a long time. He supplied AlkaLife® to them and advised them to take alkaline water while they were in the mountains.

Mr. Litsey had continued further testing and refined his treatments. He concluded by having his patients drink 3 glasses of water with 10 drops of AlkaLife® in each glass while in the waiting room before leaving the clinic. Afterwards, for the entire duration of their mountain experience, his patients felt fine with absolutely no altitude secondary effects, even without further drinking any alkaline water.

Apparently there is a difference between oxygen (O2) and extra oxygen in OH-. The explanation is that the oxygen O2 is a volatile oxygen while extra oxygen in alkaline water is more stable oxygen that does not dissipate until the mating alkaline mineral is used to neutralize acid.

When one breathes in and out, obviously the oxygen level in his body goes up and down. The level is high when one stops breathing in and low when he breathes out, going through up and down cycles. Between the peaks and valleys of the oxygen level cycles there is an average value of oxygen. If this average value is low, when the cycle reaches the valley, the oxygen level will be uncomfortably close to zero. When that happens a person feels oozy and high altitude symptoms appear. If the average value is high, even when the cycle reaches the valley, one does not feel the sensation of low oxygen. This explains why some people suffer with high altitude syndrome and others don’t.

Apparently, drinking alkaline water elevates the average value of the oxygen. This is the only plausible description that explains the conclusion of Mr. Litsey. This also explains why some people suffer bad cases of morning sickness and others don’t. The more stable oxygen a person has the higher the OH- ions. This can be achieved by in-taking more alkaline minerals in the body. In-taking alkaline minerals that are mated with acid minerals (sodium chloride, potassium iodine, etc.) does not add alkalinity. Drinking alkaline water does by adding OH- ions.

Oxygenated water is not alkaline water. It contains more oxygen but this oxygen is volatile, readily dispensable oxygen. It gives more energy immediately, and one may feel more energetic in the moment but it does not neutralize acids in the body. As a matter fact, it creates more acid in the body to be dumped.

[The rest of the story: Because more energy is created. Thus leaving more waste metabolites behind, but at the same time the body also uses the extra oxygen to buffer/oxidize the increase in waste metabolites.]

According to a pulmonologist, the maximum amount of oxygen dissolved in water is so small compared to the amount of oxygen we breathe in that it would be more beneficial if we learned how to breath properly.

There are many bottled waters [and stimulant diet pills and drinks] sold claiming to give more energy for so many reasons. Remember that more energy means more acidic waste production.

Alkaline water has no nutritional value to give you energy nor any medicinal value to cure any disease. All it does is neutralize acid in the body thus promoting better blood circulation, and the better blood circulation helps the body to heal itself. The human body is a marvelous survival machine that knows how to heal itself. With alkaline water the blood circulation improves without the use of blood thinners.
Copyright by Sang Whang Enterprises, Inc. 2004

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Kifah Al-Nassir says...
This product is a mazing in elevating the PH. I would like to know if it is ok and safe to mix the Alkalife in the same water glass with Oxylift or Oxysil, or that it must be taken alone? I highly appreciate the advice.[Products should NOT be mixed together. Please call 305-933-4219 This area for reviews only.]