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Mr. Oxygen HQ Liquid Purifier

Price: $4,500.00
Model Number: MROHQOCTA

Finally, after years of painstaking perfecting research and, while standing on the shoulders of the Octozone-greats - like Herman W. Schuette, the Trikilis Family, Dr. George Freibott, and Dr. Uozumi, - Mr. Oxygen®, Ed McCabe©, the bestselling author, world oxygen awareness pioneer, innovative oxy-supplement formulator, Elder of the Breath of God Ministry, and Editor–in-Chief of the Breath of God Society’s Inhale! Newsletter, now unveils his latest creation for professionals.


This very solidly built unit incorporates only the most advanced electronic technologies, designs, and components. It is designed for long term professional use.

International professionals now have available to them the newest creation from the mind of Mr. Oxygen - a rare and very special type of liquid sterilization ozone generator designed to produce super concentrations of higher allotropes of ozone gas made from pure green bottle chrome fittings medical grade tanked oxygen. “Octozone” is a sweeter, yet more powerful, and more bio-compatible higher than O3 multi-atomic form of ozone. Nature produces high forms of oxygen that release far more singlet oxygen during their decay cascade than human produced regular three and two oxygen atom ozone/oxygen gas. The more singlet oxygen that is available per molecule of ozone gas, then the more natural and rapid the liquid purification that is accomplished. Also, our Octozone brand purifier, is designed to make the higher forms of oxygen/ozone made by Nature, and feels less “stinging” or bitter to us, because we believe it to be closer to Nature’s own higher creations like the atmospheric O21 measured by NOAA weather planes. Natural substances are always more easily absorbed. Faster and smoother absorption means faster results and more human comfort during the use of Octozone during its various drinking water sterilization and steam sauna applications, for example. People state it actually makes water taste sweet!


Each exclusive Mr. Oxygen designed Octozone brand Professional Liquid Sterilizer is custom designed and built for each discriminating professional buyer. The Mr. Oxygen Octozone brand unit is a direct replacement and upgrade ozone source generator for all regular high concentration (0-60 mcg/ml3), & other high purity ozone applications. Mr. Oxygen Octozone can easily be used in ozone steam sauna tents, and all the other various "ultrapure water" sterilization, lab, and liquid purification applications.


The Most Important Difference! 


Regular O3 Ozone gives up only one singlet oxygen O1 before becoming O2 again.

 Octozone, Ox+, is a more natural & heavier, supercharged ozone that gives up many more singlet oxygen O1 molecules before becoming O2 again.


And as everyone knows from reading Flood Your Body with Oxygen,  it's the singlet O1 that does all the work!


Octozone, a natural element component of air, was discovered by Eugene Royer the French physicist. In 1942 US Naturopaths were using Octozone.  In 1943 Herman W. Schuette, from St. Louis, Missouri, created an Octozone, or “Heavy Oxygen” generator, and patented it here in the US.

See Mr. Oxygen’s Flood Your Body with Oxygen© book for details.

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Kifah Al-Nassir says...
I would like to know more about this product and its uses. For example, can I install this product on my house water system to clean, wash and bath in ozonated water? Would I still need other devices to go with it to make it work like an ozone injector, chiller, mixer, etc., or this product is all that I would need and no other extra cost? If not, what recommendations can be provided to assist me in finding a system that would ozenate my house water system? [Please call 305-933-4219 This area for reviews only.]