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Facial Detox Mask

Price: $25.00
Model Number: FDM

Facial Detox Mask

Special Price Promotion!

Pamper Face and Body.
Help Reduce Appearance of Fine Lines.

Help Detoxify, Hydrate, and Rejuvenate Skin.

Years of research has revealed that the causation of wrinkles in face and neck could be due to two sources of toxins:

First, accumulation of toxins under the skin from decomposition of foods, dyes, fragrances, food colors, and many other intake sources.

Second, environmental toxins, such as carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, heavy metals, toxic gases and etc. all could be absorbed and accumulated under the skin that may cause dehydration at cellular level and blockage of nutrition to the cells.

Toxins could dehydrate mostly exposed areas, which may cause cells to shrink, and this creates wrinkles.

Facial Detox Mask functions upon two mechanisms:

Facial Detox Mask detoxifies surface layers to be washed away, and also detoxifies deeper layers--as waste will be naturally taken away from the inside by the lymph system. This could create an opportunity for cells to rejuvenate themselves naturally by hydration and nutrition.

This Ozonated product along with other ingredients would help support the body in achieving the following results:

Deeply supports your body removing its stored toxins and cleaning your skin by opening the pores and flushing impurities out.

These benefits help you release tension and relax, leading to an increasing sense of well-being.

Facial mask ingredients are Pure Diatomite Fossil Shell Flour, Magnetized oxygenated water, Mg + 2 Sulfate and Citrate, Ozonated Jojoba Oil, Aragan oil, Primrose Oil, Vit.E, Vit. C, CoQ10, Grapefruit Seed Extract, Rock salt, Stearic Acid, Popylene glycol, Sunflower Seed Oil, Soya Sterol, Ceryl Alcohol, Citric Acid, Lethicin. No Preservatives, No Artificial colors, Fragance Free.

4 Oz. Price $25.00

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