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Aranizer AL

Price: $0.00
Model Number: Aranizer AJ
The Aran-Jecter™ is not a water filter. It is a powerful water purifier capable of destroying pollutants and bacteria in water. It is important that you have a basic understanding of how the Aran-Jecter™ operates so you will know how to use the Aran-Jecter™ for the best results and what to expect. The Aran-Jecter™ energizes the Oxygen in the air and pumps it into water through the Aran™ Infuser. Energized Oxygen disbursed in water is the natural enemy of bacteria, fungi, pollutants and many other harmful and undesirable substances, yet it is completely safe. Nature’s phenomenon of purifying the air generally transpires during a thunderstorm. The incredible build up of energy before a lightning strike charges the Oxygen in the air. The Aran-Jecter™ also produces these highly charged allotropes of Oxygen in its corona generator. The charged Oxygen reacts with contaminants in water and destroys them. This process is called Oxidation. * AJ-1 SPECIFICATIONS: Pump Output: 3 Liters per minute at 2 psi. * Power: 120 Vac 60Hz 40 watts * Aran™ Output: 8539 mg/hr in static air. * Polyurethane feet with acrylic adhesive. * 8 feet of 1/8” ID x ¼” OD Silicone Rubber Hose with a Ceramic Micro Bubbler. * All parts and fittings 304 Stainless Steel where possible. * Generation chamber for Arantm made of 1/8" 304 S/S with Teflon gaskets and 1/8" barbed tubing fittings. * Size: (L) 11.5” x (W) 6.5” x (H) 4.5” * Weight: 11.75 Lbs. * Timer: Up to 60 min., unlimited “Hold - ON” (turn to left) * Air Intake: Catalytic converter to change Arantm molecules into O2 to protect internal components. * COMMON ARAN-JECTER™APPLICATIONS Water Purification by the cup, glass or 5 gal. carboy * Bath Tub * Whirl Pools * Saunas * Steam Cabinets * Aranizing water to clean off pesticides from fruit and vegetables and kill mold and fungi. * Aranizing water to purify children’s toys and pre-rinse play cloths before washing. * Killing mold and clearing odors from musty cabinets and closets. * Purification of closed stud wall cavities THE DE-ARANIZER™ FILTER Each AJ-1 comes with a catalytic Aran™ Converter. Off gasses of Aran™ from use in water purification or similar applications may result in excess Aran™ Air being circulated in or around the atmosphere near the AJ-1. In order to protect AJ-1 air pump and internal components, the De-Aranizer™ Filter will convert any incoming Aran™ (O4, O5, O6, --- Ox) into Normal O2 upon entering the filter.

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