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Super Six Deficiency Busters! Best of Everything

Price: $295.00
Model Number: SuperSix

The Super Six

Deficiency Blasters!

You can stop looking. You just found it all right here, and saved over $65.00!

Order this Super Six group, and save! Get each of the best deficiency blasters all in one place and all at the same time.
We are making it so easy for you. Just start taking all of these every day! Forget worrying about details. Just TRY ALL THESE NOW!

We now make it so very easy for you to save big while getting ALL the missing basics.

Get this special one month's supply of all of Mr. Oxygen's world's best formulas now, and your body will definitely thank you very quickly. Are you worth $295 a month? YES, of course! So buy and take these now, and every month from here on. Problem solved? You tell us! Approximate one month's supply of each of our very best top supplements:

Also perfect for storage/survival/dieting use.

Here's the Mr. Oxygen maximum deficiency buster schedule.

You want to mostly separate these supplements during the day so they all have maximum effectiveness.

Suggested Servings:
Wake up
Evacuate last night's OxyFlush.
Drink OxyMins
Eat OxySulfur & Chase with Lime or Cranberry Juice.

Eat Breakfast
Drink OxyVeg

Go to work, take OxyLift and OxyEarth with you.

When you arrive at work: Take 1st OxyLift
Take 1st OxyEarth

Eat Lunch
Take 2nd OxyEarth during noon meal.
Take 2nd OxyLift after noon meal.

Arrive home
Drink 2nd OxyMins
Drink 2nd OxyVeg

Eat Supper
Take 3rd OxyEarth during meal.
Take 3rd OxyLift after meal.

12 hours after you first took OxySulfur take second serving of OxySulfur and Chase with Lime or Cranberry Juice.

At bedtime take OxyFlush.

When you become used to this schedule and initial detoxing subsides (after three weeks. If you feel stiff or like a cold, stay the course.), you can start also taking OxyFlush at lunch. You will probably have to go 20 minutes after eating when taking OxyFlush. Drink lots of pure water.

Simple. Comprehensive. Complete.

Follow label directions.

Please report what happens in the review area.

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