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Oxy Exfoliator

Price: $17.00
Model Number: OxyExfoliator

Oxy Exfoliator

Skin Rejuvenator

Oxy Exfoliator is a natural Exfoliator that man or woman can use it without any hesitation. This Exfoliator is very safe and effective. For instance, one moment you look at the mirror, you’ve got wrinkles, worry lines. There are many skin products in the market. So they claim, but can this gee-whiz stuff be for real? Botox, Alpha hydroxy acid peel, and ect. These products temporally are very good but on the other hand: Are you ready to inject and put toxin into your body? That is your choice. But natural Exfoliator cleans up dead and dried up cells, which causes wrinkles, and brings up new cells to shine and dull skin gradually fades away. By using Exfoliator regularly gives a great natural chance to your skin to rejuvenate itself and wipes out wrinkles. Oxy Exfoliator with either Oxy Body Smooth as natural moisturizer or Oxy Face Smooth (Anti Wrinkle) will help at cellular level nurture skin and you always look fresh, brighter and younger. Oxy Exfoliator works upon two distinctive mechanisms. First natural material in the Exfoliator influences the dried cells at the surface to be loosened. Secondly, by gentle rubbing those separated cells peeled and the new cells come up fresh and brighter. At this stage by keeping the new cells hydrated either by drinking water and using natural moisturizer as mentioned above can help any wrinkles disappear.

Apply light coat to skin (face, neck or any part). Let it dry 3-4 minutes. Rub off with dry towel or fingers. Rinse off any leftover particles and then apply moisturizer or night cream.

Suggested Uses:

Exfoliator rejuvenates skin looking clearer, brighter and feeling smoother, as it helps fight past and future skin damage. The very best result is obtained by using Oxy Smooth Face: Ultra Antiwrinkle to nurture cells and clears up any wrinkles.

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