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This site is designed for level 4 and above browsers. We strongly suggest using the latest Microsoft Internet Explorer. reports the percentage breakdown for web browsers:
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Mozilla and Netscape 6 Compatibility:
In a article "Sites bow to Microsoft's browser king" on 7/8/02:

"When he co-founded Netscape Communications in 1994, Jim Clark introduced a Web browser that promised computer users a way around the Microsoft juggernaut. Now online photo print shop Shutterfly, another Clark-founded venture, has a succinct warning for visitors who come to the site using the latest versions of Netscape: Beware. Versions 6 and higher of the browser are "unsupported," meaning people who use them cannot take advantage of several site features and may run into glitches not found with Microsoft's Internet Explorer"

Although we applaud the Mozilla open source effort (please note that Netscape 6 and above are based on Mozilla), Mozilla has problems formatting complex tables.

If you are using Mozilla and our formatting looks 'messed up', you can choose 'View' and 'Text Zoom' from the Mozilla menu. Select the current choice, usually 100%, and Mozilla will magically display the page properly.

We are working with the Mozilla team and hope they correct this bug which affects Mozilla's ability to properly display a great number of major web sites.